M4 SOPMOD - 6 Pack Carrying Case
























M4 SOPMOD RIFLE - 6 Pack Configuration - Carrying Case


M4 SOPMOD RIFLE - 6 Pack Configuration - Carrying Case

ASM-3525-M4-6PACK      Price: $780.00            

(For military use)

PACK YOUR GUNS WITH SUPERIOR PROTECTION - another exclusive design from CPD Industries

The new M4 SOPMOD Rifle in a 6 Pack carrying case configuration, is another military weapons  carrying case engineered by CaseCruzer. Designed for the Military & Law Enforcement Agencies. The heavy duty 1730 case is large enough to hold six (6) M4 rifles with their M203 Grenade Launcher and their top mounted optics attached. It will not accommodate the vertical handgrip or accessories mounted on the lower rail. Extremely durable to ensure that your indispensable weapons receive the lasting, reliable protection they deserve.

Multiple locking flanges allow you to secure the 1730 case with padlocks. You can confidently  travel the most severe environments, from the humid conditions of the Amazon to the extreme, bitter cold temperatures of Antarctica with complete ease of mind.

The Pelican 1730 Case carries the legendary "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee" 

You break it, we replace it... forever


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